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Our driving instructors are all DSA approved providing them with the necessary skills to help you learn in a more relaxed learning environment.  We will focus on building up your skills and confidence by following a flexible yet structured course.

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A big thank you to Gary at Drive2us driving school.  I passed my driving test first time.

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This FAQ will answer many of your questions about our driving school.

Should you require further information then a member of call team will be more than happy to assist you.

  • About our driving instructors

    All of our driving instructor are DSA approved and have all been selected for their professionalism and customer service values.


    Each driving instructor uses the latest methods of teaching as supervised by the driving standards agency.


  • How long are the driving lessons?

    A driving lesson can last 1 or 2 hours with 2 hour lessons being the normal duration.  Two hour driving lessons allow the pupil sufficient practise time around the test areas and enhance the learning process.

  • Can I choose my lesson time?

    Yes of course.  You can choose when the lesson start time and duration to suit your schedule.  Lesson rates are charged at the same rate for evenings and weekends.

  • How much notice is required to book a lesson?

    We have instructors across the UK so usually we are able to book a lesson with as little as 48 hours notice although it can be more at peak times.

  • How many lesson will I need?

    This really depends on a number of factors.  Firstly the younger you are the quicker you will pick things up and of course it depends also on your ability to retain the information being taught.  As a guide though a pupil will on average require around 40 - 50 hours tuition.

  • Can I start my lessons before passing my theory test?

    Yes you are able to start before passing your theory test.  Our instructors will also help prepare you for your theory test along side the practical training sessions,

  • Can I practise between lessons in my own car?

    You are welcome to undertake private practise with a friend or relative in your own car.  This can be very beneficial but you should always check you are ready to do this safely by speaking with your driving instructor first.

  • Can I take my theory test before my 17th birthday?

    You are only able to take your car theory test once your license becomes valid.  This means that you can only take the test from your seventeenth birthday but it can be booked before that date.

  • I am looking to change driving schools.  Can help?

    We often take on pupils from other driving schools.  Please call us on our freephone number and we will arrange a free assessment.

  • When should I book my driving test?

    We always recommend speaking to your driving instructor prior to booking the driving test.  We also offer a free booking service for both the theory and practical driving test.

  • Do you offer a mock driving test?

    Yes we offer a mock driving test to all pupils prior to booking their practical driving test.  This provides the pupil with a great opportunity to experience a driving test without the risk of a fail.

  • How do I apply for my driving licence?

    Please apply for your licence through the DSA website using the link below:


Driving School
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