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James Hobler

I was let down by another driving instructor from a different school which meant I had my test booked and noone to take me on the test.


I phoned the drive2us office and they provided me with a new instructor called Gregory who took me to my test and I passed first time.


Posted on Monday 28th December at 11:15

Jess Baker

Sharon in Bristol is a really nice and professional driving instructor.  I wouldn’t have passed without all of her help and patience.


If you need a good instructor then give her a call.  5 Star rated.



Posted on Thursday 8th November at 17:55

Kelly Brown

I booked an intensive course with a female driving instructor in Bath.  My instructor really made me feel relaxed and took away all my initial worries about stalling and not being able to move away again.


My last driving instructor from another school used to shout at me which was so bad, so glad to have found drive2us.



Posted on Wednesday 7th November at 18:55

Barry Edwards

I had put off learning to drive since I was 18 and now I am 36 so I am very much an older learner.  I was so nervous about starting lessons but Geoff my driving instructor was so good at explaining things to me in a way that I understood.


Driving Schools Bristol



Posted on Monday 5h Jun  at 10:25


Needed a few more hours than I thought I would but the driving instructor was really professional.  1st time pass :)


Picked me up from work as well which was really useful and I have now passed on 3 of my work friends for lessons.



Posted on Saturday 3rd November at 11:22

Freda Jackson

An intensive driving course in Dursley with Tony.  He is a first class driving instructor and if you want to pass your test quickly then ask for him.


Driving freedom for me at last!



Posted on Saturday 3rd November at 14:23

Katie Jones

I don’t usually do online reviews but Steve is a brilliant driving instructor in Bristol.  He drives a nice Toyota too which I found very easy to drive.


Super and Smashed it first time!!



Posted on Thursday 1st November at 13:51

Alex Barrow



Thank you Jack.  Loved the lessons and thanks very much for all your help.



Posted on Wednesday 31st October at 12:05

Phillip Gordon

Harold is one of the oldest instructors I would imagine in the country (Sorry Harold) but he is without doubt the best ever.  His knowledge was far superior to my last driving instructor and he did the impossible and made me feel like I could get through my driving test



If you are looking for a Driving School Bristol then call Harold



Posted on Wednesday 31st October at 10:02

Alison Drabble

I booked a lesson online and I was disappointed when the driving instructor failed to arrive for my first lesson.  It turns out that there was a admin error with the booking from the website and the manager kindly provided me with a instructor and a free driving lesson to compensate for the inconvenience.


Ater the initial problem its been brilliant.  My instructor Geoff is amazing and was worth the wait.  Happy and thanks for your help.



Posted on Tuesday 30th October at 13:55

Alan Edwards

I had never had driving lessons but Alan helped sort me out and got me on the road in super fast time.  I am really happy and I would without any hesitation recommend him to all of my work friends.


1st Class and 5 star rated



Posted on Tues 16th October  at 18:55

Jess Wiltshire

I had never done any driving lesson experience and i was really worried about doing my driving lessons.  I shouldn't have been worried as my instructor really put me at ease from the very first driving lesson.


Sharon in Bristol is amazing.



Posted on Tues 16th Jun at 12:25

Tom Franklin

My driving instructor is wonderful.  We have so far done 10 lessons and I am finding that things are going very well.  I think I will pass very quickly with this driving school


The school has some brilliant special offers for new drivers.


Posted on Fri 5th Oct at 19:45

Raju Phillips

I passed my ADI Part 3 driving instructor qualification in Bristol.  Thank you so much as I am enjoying my new career..



Driving Instructor training Bristol


Posted on Fri 5th Oct at 18:55

Mike Jones

I took a 5 day fast track course and managed to pass first time.  It was a brilliant course and included the theory and the practical exam.


Not going to lie it was very tough but really enjoyed it and got the result I needed for work.



Posted on Thurs 4th Oct  at 11:44

Amy Parner

l feel so happy to have found a driving school that could fit me in for lessons with such a nice lady driving instructor.  I struggled a bit with my theory test but they school provided me with an app so i could practise and study at home.  My driving instructor Terry was able to monitor my progress and help me with the bits if found difficult such as my road signs.



Posted on Weds 3rd Oct  at 14:55


I had to get my driving licence for work and didnt have any driving experience so I opted for the fast pass driving course in Bristol.


My driving instructor scheduled a course around my work and was amazing all the way to my test.



Posted on Weds 3rd Oct at 11:13

Alan Bruntman

I passed my driving test George so thank you for your help !






Posted on Sun 30th at 13:22

Patrick Oak

I was looking for a driving instructor in Bristol who was going to be supportive and helpful, luckily for me I found Drive2us who provided me with the best instructor in the world.


I cant thank you enough for all the support and lessons.  You did far more than I could have asked for and I have the pass now :)



Posted on Weds 26th Sep at 10:54

Ben Addly

Friendly reliable and informative instructor.  Kept me at ease throughout my lessons and really made me confident going in for my driving test which I passed.





Posted on Fri 21st Sep at 12:44

Jane Gutton

I used to drive and automatic and i needed to get a manual driving license. It didnt take me very long as the instructor was really very helpful.





Posted on Weds 19th Sep at 11:33

Andy Grant

My instructor was well good and proper great.  Got my license SIC!!!!






Posted on Fri 14th Sep at 14:55

Emma Frost

I was already learnin to drive wiv anoither driving school and they proper shouted shouted at me which i put me off it a bit.


Buzzed drive2us and they fixed me proper with a good instructor. Sorted now with test.



Posted on Tue 10th Sep at 09:12

Frank Jones

My mum got me a voucher for my bday and I phoned the school who gave me lessons with Ged in Bath.  He is real good and we are nearly ready for me test next month now.


Join the school as they are best in Bath.



Posted on Thurs 7th Sep  at 13:52

Jim Baker

I was recommended to this driving school by a mate who also learned with them.


No complaints as good prices and passed my test.




Posted on Sat 01st Sep  at 12:13

Betsy Willow

Recomended this school by my friend who learned with them too last Xmas.


Im really pleased that I went with them and its really helped my confidence.




Posted on Fri 31st Aug at 09:50

Grace Hunt

I asked for female instructor and got a lady in Manchester called Gill.  She is the lovely lady in the world and I am so happy to have had her as my driving instructor.


I had a bad experience with another instructor from a different school but this company is so much better.



Posted on Mon 27th Aug at 18:55

Amy Hewitt

Wonderful driving instructor and a great experience.


Now I have a license and i can get a car.




Posted on Thu 23rd  Aug  at 11:11

Lisa Belcher

There was a problem with my booking so I was a little disappointed on the first lesson as the instructor didnt get the booking from the computer but the driving school did apologise and gave me a free driving lesson and fixed me up with the new driving instructor Jess who to be fair was excellent.




Posted on Mon 20th Aug at 08:03

Steven Brown

My boyfriend booked me a suprise package of lessons for my birthday.


I was always put off driving as I didnt think I would get it but the instructor Helen was really nice and took the time to help me with the things that I was worried about.  Thank you.



Posted on Fri 17th Aug at 18:58

Simon Archer

Finally got my license.  Its been a long road trip and I did fail twice with stupid mistakes but I got it sorted with it at last.





Posted on Thu 16h Aug  at 11:15

Betty Bunter

Wonderful driving instructor and great quality driving lessons.


I needed to get my license quickly and Ali really helped make that happen.  He got me a short notice test and I was happy to get through my test within 5 days.



Posted on Fri 10th Aug  at 11:35

Kevin Hart

Kelly is a really nice instructor and so helpful.


Thank you again for everything you did to help me get my driving license and car.  See you on the road.




Posted on Sat 04h Aug  at 15:55

Jake Plant

I had a few driving lessons previously but really happy to have my driving license.


If you want to pass your test quickly then give a call.




Posted on Fri 27h Jul at 11:55

Luke Trout

I was really nervous about learning, I picked it up really quick. The instructor listened to my concerns when i said i didn't want to go on the main roads and dual carriageways until i felt ready. He really reassured me . I don't know what I was worried about. I can't thank my instructor enough.




Posted on Thu 26th Jul at 18:44

Ryan Baker

My instructor was really helpful and patient . Passed with 6 minors .



Posted on Mon 23rd Jul at 19:02

Polly West

I wanted to learn with a female instructor, only because mainly I was soooooo nervous. She was really nice and really helpful. Thank you for helping me out .





Posted on Wed 18th Jul at 08:55


As an older woman who had relied on her husband to drive her round, I wasn't sure how I would get on being taught by a young instructor. They found the right instructor for me, who put me at ease and made each lesson feel relaxed and enjoyable. Passed my test with confidence, and now I can share the driving with my husband.




Posted on Thu 12th Jul  at 07:55

Rich Hallet

Did the 5 day Fast track course - every day felt thorough and in depth. Passed first time!! Thanks Drive2us!!






Posted on Fri 06th Jul  at 19:46

Tynun Doyle

A huge thank you to Drive2us (especially David) for all the time and hard work put into every lesson. Don't usually post reviews but credit where it's due. Highly recommend these guys.





Posted on Wed 04th Jul  at 14:38

Andy Hunt

One, two, three and a Pass for me.  Thank you


Book with these guys and girls if you want to get your license quickly.




Posted on Fri 29th Jun at 18:5

David Jonas

I had never done any driving lessons before in my life and this was the best lessons for me.  I took around 50 hours from the very start but it was pretty smooth.


I need a car now.



Posted on Mon 25th Jun  at 15:33

Helen East

Such great savings on lessons with this school.  I dont think anyone can do such high standards of lessons for such an affordable price in the local area.


I called lots of other schools but for me drive2us is the best



Posted on Fri 22th Jun  at 18:57

James Hooper

It was always a big worry of mine learning to drive but i needed to not worry as they really did help me in finding the right driving instructor for me.


I am pleased to say I have my driving test pass now and I will be sending all my 6 th form friends your way for their driving lessons.


Posted on Fri 20th Jun  at 17:55

Andrew Baker

I found James to be friendly, very patient and professional. I wouldn't have succeeded without his help.



Driving Schools Bristol



Posted on Fri 18th Jun at 17:26

Aaron Brenty

The intensive course was really hard but i got there eventually .  It is not for the faint hearted as there is so much hard work involved but they are specialist driving instructors so they do know how to get the best out of the pupils


Very happy indeed to have done it. ++



Posted on Wed 13th Jun  at 15:58

Lucus Brown

Got my license so FAB!


Thankyou for your lessons and help




Posted on Sat 09th Jun  at 18:25

Mike Brown

I found James to be friendly, very patient and professional. I wouldn't have succeeded without his help.



Driving Schools Bristol



Posted on Mon 04th Jun at 17:50

Colin Jeenes

It was a little bad intially as I struggled quite a bit to get my booking as they coudnt find me a free instructor.  I guess as they are really popuilar it can be hard but the one they gave me Alison was lovely.





Posted on Wed 30th May  at 10:53

Patrick Hops

Smashed the test first time. Bev is a brilliant driving instructor. I am really very excited to have my license as quickly as I did considering I havent had any other driving lessons.





Posted on Fri 25th May  at 19:55

Mike Gorman

I am 33 and have been putting off getting my driving license for years now but recently I have taken a new job and I have to have a license within my first 3 months. Time Pressured!!


I booked the fast pass course online and having done my theory already I just went for it and nailed if first time. The instructor was really good and pushed me hard through the course but in a really positive and friendly way. Got my license and I get to keep my job providing the rest of my probabation goes ok but I have the license!! Really very pleased.



Posted on Mon 21st May at 10:36

Mark Bagley

Sharon in South Bristol is amazing! I feel so fortunate to have found such a thorough, friendly and supportive instructor. All the prices are very reasonable for a big city. She's so understanding of each pupils learning needs - for example I love to write things down and take photos of positions to help me remember! If there's a waiting list for Sharon when you enquire - she's definitely worth the wait for.



Posted on Fri 18th May at 18:01

Jess Baker

Getting to learn to drive quickly is was important to me being an actor. I don't get much time between towns and move around a fair bit with the theatre so I needed to go down the fast pass route in a week.


I called Drive2us as they were really busy locally and I saw a few of their cars driving around. Gave them a call and paid upfront for a 5 day course which included the test fee and use of the car on the day of the test. Yes it was slightly more than normal lessons but I am very pleased to say that after the lessons I took my test and passed it first time.


The driving instructor was wonderful and drove a new BMW which I really enjoyed driving. Everything on the lessons was bespoke to my needs with the added flexibility that I required for my job.


I will be grateful for ever more as I was fed up with getting the train everywhere. Next stop of me is Torquey. See you at the theatre



Posted on Sun 13th May  at 08:55

Daniel Crooks

I recommend everyone who wants to learn to drive, very good practical classes, attentive, calm trainers, perfect for me.





Posted on Mon 07th May  at 09:45

Brenda Fricker

Highly recommended

Learning to drive can be a nervous and challenging experience for anyone. Drive2us were helpful, friendly and courteous, and put me at ease right from the start. My instructor helped me stay focused and relaxed, and gave me lots of positive feedback on my lessons, as well as recognising key areas we needed to work on. They were able to fit round my busy work schedule, and made sure we got the best out of every minute we had in the car. I left every lesson feeling I had achieved something, and could feel myself growing in confidence thanks to the instructor's advice and commitment to seeing me through to my driving test.

Drive2us were absolutely brilliant, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to encouragement and support with their driving lessons.



Posted on Mon 30th Apr at 17:22

Joe Bloom

I've taken some classes with Instructor Bull and it was emazing. He fox on your weaknesses and try to improve them during the classes. Finally I'd like to mention that I've pass the test from first attempt after I followed all his advice tips.




Posted on Thu 26th Apr at 15:34

Ali Ray

I am pleased to have passed my test with Andy in Bath. A terffic driving instructor and got rid of all of my bad habits.


First class driving school with really good prices




Posted on Mon 23rd Apr at 11:05


I have been learning with drive2us since late July 2017 with instructor Steve, he has been amazing with helping me to become confident behind the wheel, very enjoyable lessons, don’t think I would be as confident with anyone else.





Posted on Fri 20th Apr at 14:50

Terry Cushion

I just would like to say what pleasure I had learning with this company. They took me straight away and managed to find me an instructor so quickly! I had other company’s rejecting me as they were too full but drive2us managed to fit me it. I was learning with Gregory and he was amazing. I went from zero knowledge to passing first time in just 2 months. Amazing! I couldn’t thank him enough. Most definitely recommend :)



Posted on Thu 17th Apr at 14:55

David Lee

One of the best driving schools in bristol. I had lessons with Mike on a refresher basis as I already passed my test 2 years ago.


As I hadn't driven for a long while I wanted to brush up on my skills prior to getting my own car. We did some motorway lessons which I requested and some town centre stuff. Great work and feeling much better about driving in bristol.



Posted on Fri 13th Apr  at 18:24

Craig Johnson

Great service with Tim an amazing teacher. Always on time and he was always helping me by boosting my confidence that i intially was lacking.


5 stars for Tim and i have finally passed my driving test. Thank you very much for all of

the support and the free sweets each lesson



Posted on Thu 12th Apr at 17:02

Mike Smith

Prior to booking I had read a couple of bad reviews but this wasn't my experiance so I guess it really depends on the individual instrucror which can happen anywhere. Just get the lesson confirmation texted like i did and it will be ok.


My guy was fantastic in every way possible. I would recommend this company to my friends.



Posted on Mon 09th Apr at 11:48

Harry Flower

I phoned up for lessons and struggled to find an instructor. Drive2us put me on their priority list and my instructor was arranged for yesterday. I really had a good lesson yesterday and I can't wait until the next one





Posted on Fri 06th Apr at 18:50

Mary Lunt

Unacceptable experience

One of the driver, cancelled twice on the same day (1h hour before the lesson and 3h before the lesson) then stood me up on the third time with her phone off... If her driving instructor skills are as good as her commitment towards client, I am actually glad I never got to drive with her.


Following my mis(s)adventure with the previous driver, I contacted the Executive Director of the company who quickly arranged for a new driver and free lessons. My new driver was really cool, always on time, and really helpful. After all, I would recommend Drive2us.



Posted on Fri 30th Mar  at 18:20


I was looking for a driving school near me which could offer me lessons around my work hours. I called drive2us and spoke to Peter the local instructor who has managed to fit me in for the lessons. A++





Posted on Tue 27th Mar at 09:41

Bev Druid

Thanks for all your help and big thank you to my Bristol instructor Terry who pushed me to get through my test within my 3 week deadline. 100% recommended.





Posted on Fri 23rd Mar at 18:05

David Wright

I started my lessons with robbies in Bristol but didn't get on well with the instructor so called this company who put me in touch with my instructor who has been first class from the start.


I have enjoyed all of my lessons and I have learnt far more than I did with my old instructor. Yes I would recommend drive2us.



Posted on Mon 19th Mar at 18:05

Vinny Boon

Driving Lessons With

My driving instructor was one of the best you can get I would think. He was always on time for the lessons and I passed first time.




Posted on Thu 15th Mar at 19:55

John Button

Many thanks to my instructor in Bristol. He was great from start to finish and today I have passed my driving test. Passed your number on to my friends from Uni who will be calling you soon to book x





Posted on Fri 09h Mar at 10:02

Michael Jones

5 days and passed

I took a 5 day intensive course with drive2us and passed first time.


The course started on Monday and finished last Friday. All in all I did 30 hours of driving lessons which was really good considering I had no previous experience. :)


Posted on Wed 07th Mar at 18:27

Polly Dome

Driving lessons with this school were really good fun and he is a very friendly driving instructor.


I had previously taken lessons with another school but hadn't got on all that well as they couldn't fit around my requirements.


Anyway I have passed so thank you for your support.


Posted on Wed 28th Feb at 20:02

Louise Holly

Amazing driving instructors at an affordable price too. I needed driving lessons urgently as I needed to pass for a new job that was coming up soon. I contacted the office that booked my first driving lesson in Bristol. The instructor was always on time with a clean car and professional driving tuition. I have now passed my driving test and started my new job. I will also be coming back for pass plus. Thank you.



Posted on Fri 23rd Feb  at 10:02

Alex Frampton

i  started training as a driving instructor with another company called smart drive but I wasn't getting anywhere near enough support and training.


Anyway I decided to go somewhere local and retrain with drive2us a local firm. Great training and very supportive. Would defiantly suggest using them if you are training to be an instructor.



Posted on Tue 20th Feb at 15:25

Jack Hunt

I phoned drive2us and decided go do lessons with them as were very professional on the phone and had great prices.


Very happy with driving lessons with my driving instructors are very good at their job.


Passed my driving test this week first time and with few lessons. Woukd say go there fof your driving lessons if you live in bristol or bath.



Posted on Sat 17th Feb at 18:12

James Brown

I have been training with James in Bristol to get my adi qualification. We have been studying around my work and I finally got my green badge today.


I wi be getting my new car next week an I am looking forward to starting my new job with



Posted on Wed 14th Feb at 18:55

Danny Rogers

Smashed the test first time. The Instructor I used is a brilliant driving instructor. I am really very excited to have my license as quickly as I did considering I havent had any other driving lessons





Posted on Fri 09th Feb at 08:20

Brian Harding

Having read a couple of bad reviews I was a little concerned about booking driving lessons with this school but everything went really smoothly and my driving instructor has been brilliant. I would definitely recommend this driving school to all of my friends that will also be learning to drive this year too




Posted on Mon 05th Feb at 18:00


Having done quite a lot of learner driving with a friend over a decade ago, I have definitely picked up some bad habits, but I am quite a confident driver. I really wanted an instructor who recognised my strengths and weaknesses. My instructor asked me questions and took on board my previous experience and has tailored lessons accordingly. All of his instructions are clear and when we stop for him to go into detail about the theory of for example today parallel parking


Posted on Sat 03rd Feb at 11:47

Flo Cheen

Took a 5 day intensive course with Drive2us in Bristol and I must say I am really impressed. They sent me a really nice driving instructor who helped me with the intensive course and my theory. The result is that I have passed my driving test. A massive thank you and I will be recommending you to all my friend




Posted on Tue 30th Jan at 18:55

Charlie Lee

Found these guys on facebook and then booked lessons with my instructor. He got me through my test without many lessons and I have passed first time. I am therefore very happy with the service so happy to leave this review. see you




Posted on Fri 26th Jan  at 07:52

Graham Hoon

I was really worried about starting my driving lessons in Bristol as I do tend to get quite nervous but my instructor has really put me at ease with my driving a skills. Defiantly would suggest going to this driving school if you want to get great driving lessons in Bristol




Posted on Fri 19th Jan at 17:38

Jim Oakley

I would like to thank my instructor at drive2us for getting me through my test today. All the way through my training he was helpful and really took the time to make me feel relaxed about my driving. I have been to another school before and I didn't get on with the driving instructor so I started looking around and luckily found On my first lesson he showed me what I was doing wrong and guided me through improving my turns



Posted on Fri 12th Jan at 23:22

Katie Trump

As an older person looking to learn to drive I have experienced some negative responses from some companies when making enquiries ("you're how old and you can't drive" seems to be a popular response), which has affected my confidence in getting behind the wheel. I have made several enquiries in search for the right people to learn to drive with, and found to be the most friendly and informative of the people I spoke to. They put me at ease with my initial enquiry


Posted on Fri 12th Jan at 18:51

Chris Yates

I was searching for a reputed driving school for my son. I searched internet and looked through all review sites before selecting a driving school. I called few of them. Some of them did not even bother to answer. Drive2us representative was the only person who answered my questions most relevantly.Booking process was easy and very less time consuming. They even let me speak to the instructor prior to the lessons. My son attended all the sessions with lot and lot of enthusiasm.


Posted on Fri 12th Jan at 18:44

Darren Hammet

I have been a student of drive2us for couple of months. It was actually a very interesting and exciting period of time.I have had some great driving experiences with some latest vehicles. My instructor is also brilliant





Posted on Sun 07th Jun at 11:55

Freya Daines

This review is coming from a successful drive2us student.It was pleasure training with these guys. Great team! Best facilities! Everything are provided to complete the course with a successful end result. Easy registering process! Affordable fee!




Posted on Thu 04th Jan at 11:05

Aileen Tukes

I must thank drive2us for being such a great help to gain my driving license. I was a real amateur. I mean I have never drive a car before joining with drive2us. Drive2us instructor helped me to over come the fear. He helped me to familiarizes with various kinds of vehicles. Drive2us has such a big collection of training vehicles. So I was able to practice with almost all type of modern vehicles



Posted on Thu 04th Jan at 22:55



Passed my test on a five day course.  Time was really tight as I needed to pass before Xmas.


It is great to get my licence the quick way




Posted on Tuesday 20th December at 14:13

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