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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled a list of the most popular questions that you may have about taking Driving Lessons.

Why Should I Do Lessons With

Not all Driving Schools are the same and we offer a very different service to other Driving School.  Because we are Nationwide we are able to offer discounts on Driving Lessons that smaller Driving Schools simply couldn’t afford to offer.

All of our Driving Instructors are locally based to you.  They are also all DBS Checked for your safety and Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved.  Each Driving Instructor must adhere to a code of conduct and ensure high standards of tuition and customer service.

The best advise for any new pupil is to simply give us a go.  You will not be disappointed with the exceptional tuition standards in a safe learning environment in modern dual controlled cars.

More benefits of using our Driving School;

  • Male & Female Driving Instructors
  • Amazing Deals For New Drivers
  • High First Time Pass Rate 85%
  • Pickup From Home Or Work
  • Modern Dual Controlled Cars

Are Automatic Cars Easier?

It is a matter of personal preference.  Some people find that learning with gears can be more challenging but in our experience we find that most pupils tend to pickup how to use gears within the first 10 to 15 hours, so its really not such a huge problem for the majority.

Automatic cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as they are easier to drive than manual cars particularly in start stop motorway driving, making them a popular choice with company car owners.

However, just consider that if you pass in an automatic car then you can only drive automatic cars once you have passed your Driving Test.  If you pass in a manual car then you will be able to drive both manual and automatic cars.

How Do I Book My Driving Test?

Your Driving Instructor will monitor your progress using a progress sheet.  This will show you how well you are getting on with each subject and importantly show you what you still need to practise.

It is very advisable to speak with your Driving Instructor prior to booking your test as you need to ensure that you are Driving Test ready.  It may be that you need further tuition to be of a sufficient standard in order to pass your test.

Generally, you will feel ready for your test prior to booking it.  Have a chat with your Driving Instructor and together come up with a plan to give you the very best opportunity of passing first time.

Can I Choose When I Do My Lessons?

When you are booking Driving Lessons you are able to choose when you want to do the lessons.

Our Driving Instructors are able to offer both evening and weekend Driving Lessons with Male or Female Driving Instructors.

We also offer pickup from home or work to suit you.

How Many Lessons Will I Need?

This is the most popular question that we are asked each day as Driving Instructors.  The truth is the amount of tuition hours required does vary from person to person.

The average number of hours required is about 47 with an additional 20 hours of private practise

It is of course not always possible for every pupil to have private practise in their own car.  If you are unable to do private practise then you should budget for around an additional 10 hours of tuition with you Driving Instructor.

Some pupils of course are of above average ability and will pass quicker than the quoted estimate.  We aim to of course deliver an efficient Driving Tuition experience that not only makes you pass your Driving Test first time but one that also aims to make you a Safe Driver For Life.

Do You Offer Intensive Courses?

Yes.  We are able to offer you Intensive Driving Courses at a competitive price.

You can gain your licence in as little as 5 days with our Driving Instructors arranging both your Theory and Practical Tests.

Please look at our Intensive Courses page for more information or call 0800 019 8831 to speak to a member of our team.